Gastric ByPass


This is the oldest intervention once performed by wide scars and emphasized by laparoscopy*.

  • Gives the best result at the level of near-constant weight loss and significantly improves diabetes type II or fat.
  • The most mutilating and dangerous operation with regard to operating risk: postoperative complications because of the length and the difficulty of it: fistula **, occlusions **, bleeding, abscesses…
  • Risk of deficiencies due to the absence of absorption that require mandatory nutritional monitoring.
  • Operation which is not easily reversible.

INDICATION: BMI ≥ 45, failure of former bariatric surgery (gastric band or sleeve), nibbler, compulsive eater, diabetic.

* Laparoscopy = watch inside the belly; everyone knows now about this technique invented by French that is to insert a camera and instruments by small scars of 1 cm or less.

** Fistula = term used when 2 segments of intestine closed together by staples, suture threads, glue… do not want to heal (like a wound that wouldn’t close), the contents of the intestine or stomach then empties into the stomach and causes life-threatening abscesses and peritonitis.

*** Occlusion = obstacle to the flow of contents of the digestive tract that can be caused by adhesions due to the operation.

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