Admission and Clinic stay

Arrival in Paris of patients travelling from abroad:

  • At least 2 days before surgery (depending on examinations performed in your country), see Preoperative Check-Up.
  • Consultation with Dr. Jean-Pierre Anfroy
  • Consultation with the anesthetist

Admission to the clinic:

  • On the eve of the intervention at 4 pm.


  • Surgery will be performed the day after admission

Clinic stay:

  • 4 days for Sleeve Gastrectomy

Postoperative recovery in Paris:

  • After release, 2 to 6 days of recovery in your hotel are required before flying home, depending on the type of intervention.

Globally, a journey in Paris of two weeks should be planned, depending on the type of operation.

We can help you with hotel accommodation if needed.

Postoperative pain is minimal and of short time.

Overall recovery will take 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the type of intervention.

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